Create a Certificate Request using Active Directory Certificate Services

    Create a Certificate Request using Active Directory Certificate Services

    Create a Certificate Request using Microsoft Management Console

    Login to the Server where you want a certificate to be requested.

    Open Microsoft Management Console (MMC) using mmc command. Make sure that you are running mmc as administrator. Click Add/Remove Snap-in

    040618 1733 CreateaCert1

    Select Certificates and click Add to add to the Selected snap-ins.
    040618 1733 CreateaCert2

    Select Computer account in Certificates snap-in.
    040618 1733 CreateaCert3

    Click Finish.
    040618 1733 CreateaCert4

    Click OK
    040618 1733 CreateaCert5

    Expand Certificates in Console Root.
    040618 1733 CreateaCert6

    Right click Personal -> All Tasks -> Advanced Operations -> Create Custom Request ..

    040618 1733 CreateaCert7

    Click Next

    040618 1733 CreateaCert8

    Click Next
    040618 1733 CreateaCert9

    Select Web Server in Template select option.
    040618 1733 CreateaCert10

    Click Next
    040618 1733 CreateaCert11

    Click Next
    040618 1733 CreateaCert12

    Click Details down arrow to configure options.
    040618 1733 CreateaCert13

    Click Properties and configure required properties.

    Give a file name to save and click Finish.
    040618 1733 CreateaCert14

    Now we have completed a request. Let us generate the certificate if Active Directory Certificate Authority Web Enrolment is configured in your domain.

    Generate Certificate:

    Login to the webserver (in my case it is

    040618 1733 CreateaCert15

    Click Request a certificate and then click advanced certificate request.
    040618 1733 CreateaCert16

    Click the second option "Submit a certificate request by using a base-64-encoded CMC or PKCS #10 file, or submit a renewal request by using a base-64-encoded PKCS #7 file."
    040618 1733 CreateaCert17

    Now open the request file with a notepad and copy text. Paste in the field Base-64-encoded certificate request. Select Certificate Template as Web Server and click Submit button.
    040618 1733 CreateaCert18

    The certificate is now ready to download.

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