Grow drive space in Windows 2003

Grow Drive space in Windows 2003

Growing disk space in Windows 2003 is different than Windows 2008 and later. Disk Management GUI do not have a feature to grow disk space.

For other than OS drive, we can use diskpart utility. But for OS drive, we cannot use diskpart and need to use some third party utility. Here I am going to use Gparted ISO.

Gparted is a free utility and can be downloaded from

  1. To extend a basic volume, it must either raw (not formatted with a file system), or it must be formatted with the NTFS file system.
  2. If the disk does not contain boot or system partitions, you can extend the volume into other non-boot or non-system disks, but the disk will be converted to a dynamic disk (if it can be upgraded).
  3. Grow disk size first if the server is a guest. (VMware or Hyper-V)

  4. Mount Gparted ISO. ( I hope that you know how to mount a ISO  )
  5. Boot the system to ISO.

  6. Defaults will be okay. Select keymap ->Don’t touch keymap.
  7. Select Language (default is 33).
  8. Select continue to start X to use GParted automatically (default).
  9. Now you can select the required volume (like /dev/sda).

  10. Available space is shown like unallocated 1 GB.
  11. Click on Resize/Move.
  12. You will get a Resize/Move window.

  13. Keep mouse cursor at the end and you will get a double arrow. Click and drag to increase the size of the volume.
  14. Click Resize/Move button after done. Click Apply. Again Apply.
  15. We are done. The volume size is increased.
  16. Reboot the server to windows. Let the chkdsk run.
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