Install MySQL server on Windows Server

Install MySQL server on Windows Server

Download the MySQL installation file from . 

Execute the mysql-installer-community-x.x.xx.x.msi file to start the installation of MySQL server. Select Server only. Click Next

 Click Execute

 Once the installation is completed, Click Next 

 Now the installer is ready to configure. Click Next to start configuration.

 Select Standalone Server / Classic MySQL Replication option and click Next.

 Select Server Computer and leave the Port Number to default 3306. Click Next

 Select default option and click Next

 Provide root user Password and click Add User.

 Provide Username and Password and click OK

Check both the check boxes and click Next

 Click Next in Plugins and Extensions

 Click Execute in Apply Configuration window.

 Once the configuration is completed, you should see the following window. Click Finish.

 Click Finish

 MySQL server installation and configuration is completed now.

Let us test the installation now.

Open cmd and navigate to installation folder. C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 8.0\bin

Type mysql -u root -p and press Enter / Return. Provide password.

You should now see mysql> prompt.

We have successfully installed MySQL server on Win dows Server.

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