Introduction to Windows PowerShell

Introduction to Windows PowerShell

Introduction to Windows PowerShell: Windows PowerShell is a Windows command-line shell designed especially for system administrators. Windows PowerShell includes an interactive prompt and a scripting environment that can be used independently or in combination. Windows PowerShell introduces the concept of a cmdlet (pronounced "command-let"), a simple, single-function command-line tool built into the shell. Windows PowerShell is a command-line interface for Windows computers. A command-line interface (CLI) is a program for telling your computer to do tasks using typed commands. It makes it possible to automate tasks and to do many things with one command.

Windows PowerShell is an evolution of the command line – a combination of a DOS shell and scripting environment. It can help with repetitive tasks; processes acting on many files at once, automating and scheduling tasks, and configuring Windows components and services. PowerShell is not only for running DOS commands, it is far more flexible than that. It supports complex decision making, connecting to a wide variety of data sources, and even building graphical user interfaces.

PowerShell is now an essential skill for IT and server administrators, and is often used when deploying maintenance scripts across an entire organization. It is now an essential requirement / skill for a Systems Administrator. So, let us start learning PowerShell.

Opening PowerShell

Just press Windows Key and type "powershell". It will display number of items with PowerShell.

Opening PowerShell

Like you can see number of Programs, the first option displayed here is 64-bit version. PowerShell ISE is PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment to create PowerShell scripts.

The programs with x86 are 32-bit versions and exists for backward compatibility.

The PowerShell Console

PowerShell Console

Windows PowerShell System Requirements:

Please refer the following link for the PowerShell System requirements.


Getting Ready to Use Windows PowerShell

Just open PowerShell window and start typing the commands. If you want to open as Administrator, right click and select Run as administrator.

Opening Powershell thumb

To know the version of PowerShell installed on the system, type Get-Host or $PSVersionTable . This will display the version of PowerShell installed.

get host

Getting Help: Get-Help cmdlet is used to get help. Get-Help is used in combination of other cmdlets.

Example: Get-Help Get-Process

get help


Update-Help # Will update the help (may take some time depending the internet connection).
Get-Help Get-Process -Online # Will open an online help in a browser.

Now, let us start with Basics of PowerShell.